Retreat of Awakening/Trại Tỉnh Thức: Bản Tin: “Living In The Moment” – Jason Mraz (Lyrics)

Thank you so much for attending the retreat this year! It was so wonderful to capture your laughter, smiles, enthusiasm, and participation in all the events. Interestingly enough, as we host the retreat each year, the staff is constantly amazed at how engaged the participants are with our program. You give us the confidence and energy to continue to grow this retreat to a new level.

We hope you will incorporate the practice of living in the present moment into your daily life to help lighten your worries and stress. And if you find yourself feeling down from time to time, please play this song to remind you of the retreat and to cheer you up…( We promise it will lift your spirits again 🙂.

While the memories are still fresh on your mind, we would like to encourage you to submit your favorite photos and take-aways from the retreat so we can incorporate them into our 2016 newsletter and website ( You can send your message through many channels of communication:

email –
facebook – retreat of awakening
text – (405) 237-8281
Please use the following hashtags when posting your photos and memories — ‪#‎traitinhthuc‬ or ‪#‎retreatofawakening‬

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