MEDITATION BY KEV WOOD: Top 43 Meditation Blogs You Need To Be Reading


There are a number of great blogs out the there in the meditation space. But, with so many solid meditation blogs and related information available how do you find what’s good, and what’s just noise. After all, you’re looking for practical meditation advice and wisdom, not just another post to fill your head with non-relevant information.

There are a number of great blogs out the there in the meditation space. But, with so many solid meditation blogs and related information available how do you find what’s good, and what’s just noise. After all, you’re looking for practical meditation advice and wisdom, not just another post to fill your head with non-relevant information.

Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re just getting started with your meditation practice, or are looking for ways to deepen practice, the blogs below have something for you.

Check out the list below for our favorite meditation blogs across the interwebs.

1. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a site run by Lori Deschene. It’s much more than just a site about meditation. It’s a site dedicated to actionable and simple wisdom that’ll help us all live better lives (which is part of our mission here). Tiny Buddha has a large community of writers and readers who provide a variety of viewpoints to draw upon, in your path towards a more meaningful life.

The thing we love about Tiny Buddha is that it’s written casually and has an easy-to-digest format.

2. Headspace

If you’re familiar with meditation whatsoever, then no doubt you’ve heard of Headspace. They have an app that took off within the various app marketplaces and generated a ton of buzz as a result. They did a great job of making meditation easy, trackable, and maybe a little bit “cool” as well.

They also have a stellar meditation blog that’s full of actionable meditation advice, and is always backed by sources, whenever possible. For the scientifically minded among us.

3. Muse Blog

Muse is a headband you wear during your meditation to help monitor your meditation sessions and allow you to more easily access deeper states of mind. Beyond this totally cool product, they have a great blog as well.

Their blog features the latest data and studies from neuroscientist researchers and offers actionable tips on getting started with your own practice. We’re big supporters of the team behind Muse and the splash they’re making in the world.

4. Meditation is Easy

Meditation is easy, we love that tagline. The website, Meditation is Easy, is dedicated to demystifying meditation and making it accessible to modern man and woman. Their blog features a ton of great meditation advice for those looking to deepen, or just get started with their practice.

5. Live and Dare

Live and Dare is probably the best modern meditation blog on the planet. We’re big fans of the work that Giovanni is doing. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced meditator this blog will have something for you.

Our favorite aspect of his blog is how well-written his content is. Pick any subject related to meditation and chances are he’s written the ultimate guide on the topic. Do yourself a favor and check out Live and Dare.

6. McLean Meditation

The McLean Meditation Institute offers a variety of methods and teachings for the beginner meditator.

Their blog features a lot of different topics related to meditation, including stress relief, gratitude, prayer, mysticism, happiness, and much more. If you’re at all interested in topics related to spirituality and meditation, then this blog is worth bookmarking.

7. 1 Giant Mind

We’re always impressed with what the organization 1 Giant Mind is up to. Their team is led by Jonni Pollard, who also leads their “Learn to Meditate” program. Their blog is full of news, updates about their efforts, and practical meditation advice.

They also touch on topics outside of the meditation spectrum, such as creativity and meaningful living. Their site is definitely worth checking out.

8. Beyond the Mind

Beyond the Mind is the blog that supports the incredible book, Silence Your Mind. The book is a great read, and you should definitely check it out, but their blog is a great to peruse as well. They highlight fringe topics like Quantum Mechanics, the Philosopher’s Stone, Donald Trump, and much more.

However, their blog is basically a collection of links from other sources. Yet, if you want to avoid digging for this information yourself, it’s definitely worth a read.

9. Everyday Mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness is a great site for those interested in immersing themselves in the world of mindfulness. The goal of their work is to further the reach of mindfulness and enable people worldwide to easily start their own practice. Their blog contains a ton of relevant information, from, tips on starting your practice, to lessons from the journey, to extending mindfulness into other areas of your life.

10. Stuck in Meditation

Do you consider yourself a skeptic? Do you still find meditation a little too woo-woo for you?

Then, Stuck in Meditation might be a great blog for you. This blog is a great source for those interested in mindfulness meditation. It’s one of our favorites and we think it’ll quickly become one of yours as well.


Mindful is an online and print magazine that’s dedicated to all things mindfulness. Their site contains a copious amount of practical information and wisdom for support in your own meditation practice. Even without a full subscription, this site has plenty of information to answer the most common questions related to your practice.

If you consider yourself a meditator, then this is a blog you’ll want to have by your side.

12. Calm App

Have you ever used this app? It’s like a digital breath of fresh air. If you haven’t, then click this link and check it out. Just make sure you come back to this post after 🙂

Their blog is a great source of information related to living a mindful life. They dive into things like sleep, hygiene, reducing anxiety, managing stress, and much much more.

13. OMG Meditate

Without even reading their blog we’re already fans of their work from their title alone. It’s catchy and fun, right?

However, there blog is chock-full of great information related to your own meditation practice. From loving-kindness meditation, to guided meditations, to the benefits of meditation. This blog is a great supplement to your meditation practice.

14. Bidushi

Bidushi is a blog run by Adiba Osmani, and takes a modern look at the practice of meditation. She highlights the latest developments in related scientific research and offer practical advice along the meditative path.

For those who are actively looking for the link between science and meditation, then look no further, this blog is for you.

15. About Meditation

About Meditation offers a plentiful amount of meditation information, regardless where you’re at in your journey. The site is run by Tom Bershad and Morgan Dix, along with a team of other writers.

They do a great job of covering meditation from all angles and always offer an interesting perspective on meditation and surrounding topics. They’re definitely worth checking out.

16. Positively Mindful

Neil helps to bring play and fun back into mindfulness with his blog Positively Mindful. He offers a first person account of his mindfulness journey, and practical advice and wisdom for how you can get the most joy out of your own life. His blog is engaging and fun to read, while providing valuable insight at the same time.

If the path of meditation and mindfulness seems a little uptight for you, we highly recommend you follow Neil’s work.

17. Free Meditation

Free Meditation is a website based upon Sahaja Yoga Meditation and the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. They help people along the journey of self-realization and everything on their site is free of charge. They even offer a free meditation course, and meditations for children, and even music therapy workshops.

Free meditation is full of great meditation information, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

18.  Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield in one of the key meditation teachers to introduce Buddhism to the West, and co-founder of the Insight Meditation society. He has also written 10 books covering Buddhism and mindfulness, so you know he knows his stuff.

His writings on his site convey his passion and wisdom for life. His site also has clips of published books, talks, and guided meditations. His work is a true treasure trove worth exploring.

19. Centered Meditation

Centered Meditation is a meditation studio located in Melbourne, Australia. After finding peace and solace in this chaotic world through meditation, founders Nikki and Kevin, decided to share this gift with others.

Their blog features a ton of great thoughts and musings that can help to inspire your meditation practice and goal of living a conscious life.

20. David Wagner

David Wagner is a meditation and self-empowerment teacher. He helps men become better men, and people become better people. His work has a soft edge that we really resonate with.

On his blog you’ll find meditation and spiritual guidance, thoughts on the world, news, and how to get the most from life. We recommend checking him out.

21. Will Williams Meditation

Will Williams Meditation is run by Will and his partner Jen, who founded the site after travelling around the world studying Vedic meditation for over two years. Their blog provides great information on a lot of topics surrounding meditation, including, reducing stress, self-care, and general health topics.

If you’re looking to fill your life with a stellar supply of personal growth content, then this blog is one worth reading.

22. Deconstructing Yourself

Deconstructing Yourself is a blog dedicated to spreading the life changing power of meditation. Their tagline is ‘Mindfulness Meditation for Modern Mutants’, so naturally they offer a scientific-leaning approach to meditation.

However, their blog goes beyond meditation and also speaks to things like, heartbreak, love, art, death, and much more. Their blog provides a well-rounded dive into the human condition and shows how meditation can help you thrive in this modern world.

We highly recommend checking out Deconstructing Yourself.

23. Elisha Goldstein

Elisha Goldstein is a co-founder of the Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles, and is also a psychologist and author of numerous books on meditation and mindfulness.

His blog features a wealth of information, guided meditations, and videos, related to your meditation practice and living a mindful life. Elisha has a wealth of wisdom he readily shares with his readers, check out his blog.

24. Streamline Meditation

Streamline Meditation offers a different take on meditation than most of the others in this space. Instead of techniques that involve mantras or other methods, they teach a way to meditate that simply involves dropping into the ever-present meditative state of mind.

Malcolm believes that the meditative state is always available to us and is always present. Their blog features articles related to cultivating your own meditation practice, stress relief, the benefits of meditation, and much more. Streamline Meditation is a very interesting read and highly recommended.

25. Karan Bajaj

Karan Bajaj’s blog is filled with topics ranging from meditation advice, to wisdom about life, to essays about writing and the publishing process. His meditation blog is separate from his writing blog, if you have no interest in that.

All of these topics kind of mesh together and give you a beautiful fusion of living a meaningful life and creating your own path. If you have an inkling of creativity in your bones, and are looking to explore this even deeper his blog is a great place to start.

26. The NOW Project

The NOW Project was created to spread mindfulness as a useful treatment for addiction. The founder, Adrian, suffered from addiction earlier in life and used mindfulness to turn his life around. This blog is equal parts inspiration and teachings. The posts are practical and useful and the movement they’ve built around mindful living is quite large.

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what part of the mindfulness journey you’re currently on.

27. Mindful Muscle

Mindful Muscle touches on a variety of meditation topics. No stone is uncovered, if it’s related to mindfulness and meditation. On this blog you’ll find posts related to overcoming addicting, the connection between mind and body, stress relief, and a ton of different guided meditations.

This blog is a great place to deepen your wisdom and meditation toolbox.

28. Serenity Meditation and Yoga

Liz Hansen runs Serenity Meditation and Yoga, and is dedicated to spreading meditation as far and wide as possible. This blog offers a series of reflections and bits of wisdom for those interested in deepening their meditation practice.

Whether you’ve been practicing meditation for years, or are just getting starting, you’ll find a lot of encouraging words in her blog posts.

29. Rebel Zen

Rebel Zen focuses on creativity and meditation. The link between your mind and creative expression. The writing is very fun and engaging and you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of your mind and how you operate.

If you’ve been looking for a little help along your meditation journey, or are looking for ways to accelerate your creativity, then Rebel Zen is worth checking out.

30. Lena Franklin

Lena Franklin’s blog is not only beautiful, it’s very useful and fun to read. She works as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and also holds meditation retreats and workshops.

Most of her posts can be read in under 5 minutes, which makes it a great way to easily add more meditation wisdom to your day.

31. Look Within You

Remez Sasson is the founder of Look Within You and has been studying spirituality since childhood. His blog features all kinds of meditation advice and wisdom. Whether you’re looking to deepen your levels of inner peace, or improve your meditation practice, then this blog will have something for you.

Look Within You is a near-endless treasure trove of information related to meditation, do yourself a favor and check it out.

32. Susan Piver

Susan Piver is a meditation teacher and award-winning author. Her writing style is down to earth and bit crass, which makes for a very fun read. Sometimes all you really desire is a heaping spoonful of grounded wisdom. Susan’s got that for you. She makes Buddhism and a spiritual life readily accessible for the rest of us.

Her blog features a wide range of topics, from relationships, to meditation, to handling anger, to politics, and much more. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by regularly reading her blog. Plus, as a subscriber you’ll gain access to a weekly guided meditation.

33. Lama Surya Dass

Lama Surya Dass is a renown Buddhist meditation teacher, author of 13 books, and has studied Buddhism for 45 years. The Dalai Lama refers to him as “The American Lama”.

His blog features musings on today’s happenings from a Buddhist perspective. If you’re looking for insights into how you can best navigate this complex world, his blog, as well as his books are worth diving into.

34. davidji

davidji’s blog dives into ways you can keep your stress at bay and offers tips on how to deepen your meditation practice. He shares a weekly blog called ‘The Source’, which covers topics related to practicing meditation and leading a spiritual life.

As a former consultant and corporate trainer, davidji is an expert at practical stress relief and spirituality.

35. Buddhaimonia

Buddhaimonia is run by Matt Valentine, and is an incredible online resource for the modern meditator. A student of Buddhism and Zen traditions he shares his own journey and how meditation can benefit all of our lives.

You can truly tell Matt is passionate about meditation and extending its reach as far and wide as possible. Plus, the design of his site really encourages extensive reading. Check it out!

36. ASMY

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga offers meditation and yoga classes throughout their multiple centers across Australia. Their blog contains a lot of different information related to meditation, yoga, and general healthy living topics.

It’s a great one-stop-shop for all of your healthy living needs.

37. Wildmind

Wildmind is a Buddhist meditation site run by, Bodhipaksa. The site is a treasure trove of meditation goodness.

Wildmind has extensive written meditation guides, as well as news, musings on meditation, and various tutorials and videos. The site is definitely worth exploring for those looking for additional inspiration or wisdom along their meditation journey.

38. Tara Brach

Tara Brach is a meditation teacher and founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, D.C. Her teachings have a unique blend of Western psychotherapy and Eastern spiritual traditions. She’s a very impactful voice in the Western Buddhism community.

Her website doesn’t contain much of a blog, but her site has extensive resources nevertheless, which is why it made our list. Her site features a list of articles of past publications, talks, and other stellar resources.

39. The Compassionate Mind

The Compassionate Mind is the blog of Bev Janisch. Meditation helped to change her life, and now she’s dedicated to sharing this practice with others.

On her blog you’ll find her thoughts on meditation, and other topics related to living a healthy and free life. Her blog is a breathe of fresh air, and highly recommended.

40. Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg is a longstanding figure in the Western meditation space. She came into meditation originally as a way to deal with inner turmoil, and it has since evolved into a lifelong quest. She helped to co-found the Insight Meditation Society, and is also the author of 9 books.

Her blog features her contributions to the On Being blog, and her regular podcast. If you’re interested in deepening your meditation practice and need a heartfelt mind in your corner, then her blog is a great place to start.

41. Goodlife Zen

Goodlife Zen is filled with inspirational wisdom to help you live a better life. The site is run by Mary Jaksch, a psychotherapist and author.

The site spans a multitude of topics, including, creativity, love, health, happiness, and of course, meditation. We definitely recommend reading this blog on a regular basis.

42. Mrs. Mindfulness

If you’re looking for a little relief from the chaotic world around you, then Mrs. Mindfulness is worth a visit. The posts on Melli’s site offer practical advice on meditation and mindfulness.

Best of all, her blog is very grounded. She tends to share things that she has tried and tested, so you end up getting a ton of practical value.

This blog is definitely one full of insight, and worth bookmarking.

43. Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is an inspirational speaker, author, and meditation teacher whose goal is to help you live the best life possible. Her work is very uplifting, practical, and very fun.

On her site you’ll find countless videos and other goodies to support you on your own spiritual path. We highly highly recommend checking out her site and her work.

And there you have it! We hope that you’ve found some stellar goodness in the websites and teachers above and truly hope you’ve come away with a few new favorites. Lastly, we want to give a huge thanks for all of the teachers and lovers of life mentioned above.

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