Dr. Rob Sheehan: Self-Care for Serious People

You’re serious.  You have important things to do.  The only reason you even take time to read this blog – occasionally – is that you get tips for how to get more work done faster.  Well guess what – this blog about self-care is actually about getting things done faster and better.

If you’re serious then you probably like to think of yourself as a machine.  A lean, mean, get-things-done machine.  Well, your machine needs maintenance.  Here are a few examples:

*A healthy diet has been linked to higher energy

*Aerobic exercise increases blood flow which improves learning and memory.  This blog explains that it is the best thing you can do to enhance your brain’s performance.

*Getting your sleep can increase focus, improve brain function (including creativity and innovation), and improve capacity for learning.

*Taking even short breaks during the day can improve focus and productivity

Leadership coach, Palena Neale, asks her clients some of these questions:

  • “What are your key priorities in life?  Can you achieve them without health and well-being?”
  • “If the strongest leader you knew was struggling with stress, what would you advise them to do?”
  • “If you didn’t need help, but you just wanted to recharge your battery – how would you do that?”

Effective, serious leaders are role models for their team.  If you role model self-care, then and your fellow, serious “machines” will be more productive and make more of a Mission Impact.

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