Michela Bufalini (Tuscany), Nghệ Nhân và Những Viên Sỏi

Nguồn: http://www.gigarte.com/quadridipietra

“My name is Michela Bufalini, I live in Tuscany. My inspiration comes from harmony with the environment which I am constantly observing while the elements in nature enrich my imagination, surprise me and give me the balance which makes my life serene. The stones have become a special interest for me, a passion that has grown enormously over the years. I am ardent about my artwork created with joy and love and each time I sell a piece a little part of me goes with it.

The challenge of taking an object that is generally considered to be of little interest, and turning it into a work of art is what inspires me to bring life and beauty to an otherwise overlooked element of nature. Initially, I started painting simple objects, however, with time my work evolved into elaborate stone structures where pieces of various sizes and shapes are assembled to capture the idea I had in mind. My original designs were simple faces shaped out of uneven stones, yet as time passed they unfolded to portraits, trees, animals, hills, forests and abstract elements.

I do not follow the technical rules of the contemporary artistic expression, I create for myself and my arrangements
express a realistic and poetic dream within the elements of reality. Made up of elementary pieces and simple execution, my stone paintings are unique, they all tell fairytales of everyday life.

The simplicity, command of color and attention to detail become the key points that give shape to something so simple and everlasting.”

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